COVID-19 Safety Procedures

Millbrae Montessori School’s number one priority is the health and safety of all our students and teachers. We will continue to follow ALL CDC and Community Care Licensing guidelines. We will be communicating weekly with the Millbrae School District to discuss the newest health and safety measures to follow. These are the new precautionary procedures Millbrae Montessori School will be implementing:


Disinfecting, Hygiene, Screening, & Social Distancing


  • Increased daily disinfecting of all surfaces and materials
  • Bathrooms are disinfected after each use
  • Daily fogging and/or electrostatic spraying of classrooms
  • Playground is disinfected each morning before school starts
  • Playground and play equipment (bikes, cars, balls, etc) are disinfected after each recess
  • Frequent hand washing throughout the day, for example:
    • When entering and leaving the classroom
    • After each bathroom use
    • Before and after snack
    • Before and after lunch
    • At dismissal
  • Daily temperature checks for children and teachers
  • Teachers are wearing face coverings at all times
  • We have provided an individual work space for each student. Each student will be given their own table and their own set of school supplies to use (crayons, markers, pencil, glue stick, scissors, etc.).
  • We will encourage the children to remain 6 feet apart as much as possible
  • Strict adherence to Millbrae Montessori School’s healthy policy
  • Each class will have up to 12 children and 2 teachers
  • Parents/visitors are not permitted in classrooms

These are uncertain times. Changes are always happening causing confusion and often fear. We had hoped by now life would have returned back to our “old normal.” However, looking ahead and keeping focused on all the positive progress that is being made; our most important goal is to maintain a safe and healthy school environment for your child to learn in and grow academically; as well as socially. We want to move ahead together keeping communication open as guidelines could change. We will keep you informed of any new changes immediately. We remain dedicated and committed to meeting the needs of our community and students, while providing a quality education.